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Because of its geography and its varied orography, the Iberian peninsula is home to a rich biodiversity. We find in Spain almost 85.000 species, taking into account the wholeness of fauna and flora (54% of the total of European species and almost 50% of unique species in Europe). In addition to the 635 species of vertebrates, which are of greater interest for most of the nature lovers, there is a very rich botanical biodiversity. Indeed, this is the richest one of Western Europe, with 8.000 vascular plants and 15.000 species of mushrooms.


From the sea level to the high mountains, the different ecosystems and habitats enable the development of a big amount of vegetal community. Spain does have a wonderful representation of Atlantic, Boreal and, of course, Mediterranean woods that you will be able to discover through the programs we made. 


Enebros y sabinas Hoces del Duratón (Segovia) + Tierra de Pinares (Segovia-Valladolid) + Dehesas y encinares castellanos + Hayedos en Hermo y Robledal Bosque de Muniellos (Asturias).


Hayedo-abetal Irati (Navarra) + Valle de Ordesa y Cañón de Añisclo (Huesca).


Dehesa y encinares Sierra Sur (Sevilla) + Pinsapos (Sierra de Grazalema) + Los Alcornocales + Pinares y acebuches en Doñana.

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